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Pronounced ker-zauce! It's Polish, but the pronunciation is Americanized. I'm obsessed with coffee, a lover of food and travel and I'm passionate about the environment.


I'm Jaime Krzos.

I find myself constantly seeking out new information and learning and I'll continue to share throughout the process!

In recent years I've found myself learning and making more changes to the way I'm living. I've become more aware of my own impact on the environment. At times it has felt overwhelming. As I've become more educated and have made more changes, there's been a snowball effect and now I'm constantly looking for ways to make changes in my life.

There's so much to be grateful for and love in this world. I want to leave the world a better place. It's that desire that continually drives me to learn, grow and change.

At my core, I'm a creative individual who deeply cares about the people and world around me. I love to cook and I'm an avid baker with a huge sweet tooth, just ask my friends and family!

I'm a 20-something year old who moved to Orlando, Florida four years ago to chase my dreams! Those dreams have changed along the way and I've learned a lot in the process!

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Hello, there!

It’s important to me to live eco-consciously. I’m not an expert nor am I perfect; my goal is to become more informed to help guide myself in making better lifestyle choices for the environment while sharing this information with others!

What is eco-living?

sustainable living aims to reduce your impact on the environment.

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Iced hazelnut latte with oat milk or a cappuccino! For the record, if you haven't tried oat milk yet, you must!



Jeans and a t-shirt! I work in an office that is always cold so most days I'm in jeans and shirt with a sweater on. Then for lunch I'll spend my time outside so I can peel off my layer and not completely melt in the Florida heat. When I'm not working, I love throwing on a comfortable dress!



Over the years (even as a teen) people have told me I have an old soul. It's true! I love watching old movies like Casablanca and Roman Holiday. I used to wish I was from a different decade for the clothing and architecture. 


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