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This list is a resource that you can use to pick and choose items that suit you and your lifestyle.

Sustainable swaps


I propagated some of my herbs in order to expand my supply of herbs for zero dollars and it’s completely sustainable!

Propagating Herbs


Over the years I’ve learned money saving tips that are useful for the holidays. With a love for gift giving, having worked in retail and having been a college student, I’ve picked up a lot of frugal holiday shopping tips, so I’m sharing with you how to save money during the holidays!

Holiday Presents


As I work to make more changes in my own life, I thought it would be nice to share a fall capsule wardrobe completely made up of ethically made items.

Ethical accessories


There seem to be more and more brands that are popping up that produce items that are ethically made. I’ve rounded up six ethically-made clothing brands that are stylish that you need to check out!

American Apparel


One of my favorite body scrubs to make is this DIY coffee body scrub! I love the fact that you can customize the size of the coffee grounds with a coffee grinder. This body scrub smells amazing and it’ll leave your skin feeling so soft!

Coffee body scrub


Creating a consistent Instagram feed is important as it speaks to who you are and helps others to understand you with a quick glance. Read on to learn how to create a consistent Instagram feed.

Instagram Feed


This isn’t a topic I hear many young people discussing: saving for retirement. Yet, it’s something we all should be talking and thinking about. I opened a Roth IRA when I was a teenager (thanks mom and dad!) and it’s something I’ve discussed with my friends since opening it. It’s important to start saving for your future to ensure you’re covered.

Writing at a cafe


This body wash is so easy to make and it will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. I love citrus scents so I incorporated orange essential oil in to the body wash.

Body Wash


There are tons of photo editing apps out there! Read on to learn more about some of the six best photo editing apps and find a chart comparing their various features.

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