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Creating a consistent Instagram feed is important as it speaks to who you are and helps others to understand you with a quick glance. Nowadays with social media and technology people have shorter attention spans, so your feed is your first impression to other ‘grammers. You don’t have long to attract and capture others’ attentions, so that’s why it’s important to make sure your content is aligned with who you are and your message. I’ve spent time developing my own feed and content and it’s taken time to understand how to create consistency. Read on to learn how to create a consistent Instagram feed:

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With your feed, it’s important to have a certain vibe or theme. If you post anything and everything under the sun you might have a harder time attracting an audience. You don’t need your images to focus on one subject, nor do you need your images to all have the same filter, but you should be thinking about how your content ties together. The following are ways you can help determine your own vibe:

What kinds of photos do you find yourself posting most?

Are you already actively posting on Instagram? If so, what kinds of things have you been posting? Is there a common theme? Are there certain things in your life that are important to you that you like to share? Think about some of the things you naturally find yourself drawn to. This could potentially help in determining some types of content you’d like to share. Perhaps you no longer feel inspired by some of the things you’ve shared previously, that’s totally okay too!

These are a couple of my favorite influencers and one of my favorite brands that I follow: sivanayla, marianna_hewitt, thelittlemarket.

Draw inspiration from others.

Do you mainly find yourself following certain kinds of aesthetics? Maybe you love following accounts that feature makeup products, or you follow people who feature their daily outfits, or maybe you love accounts who only have black and white photos. If you have certain types of accounts that you like to follow, these could be helpful for drawing inspiration from. I believe there’s no problem drawing inspiration from others, however, it’s important to not blatantly copy or take from others.

Creating a consistent Instagram feed is important as it speaks to who you are and helps others to understand you with a quick glance. Read on to learn how to create a consistent Instagram feed on jaimekrzos.com.
One of the mood boards I’ve created on Pinterest.

Create a mood board.

Pinterest is great for this! You can save images you find from Instagram or even from Pinterest to start to gather inspiration. This will help you determine what types of images are sticking out. You could also create a mood board in Photoshop or even on paper! Here’s an example of a mood board I created via Photoshop. Do you find yourself saving images that are from the same color family? Do you like a mix of landscape and action oriented photos? By creating a collection of images you like, this will help you understand what types of content you’d like to focus on posting on Instagram.


With Instagram, you shouldn’t be posting just to post. There should be thought and purpose with each of your posts. Quality over quantity is very important when it comes to Instagram.

When you are making photo selections you should ask yourself the following questions:

Does it fit with my theme?

If you have a photo you like but may be out of place within your feed, pop it in your Instagram story! This way you still get to use the photo and create content to engage your audience, but you are still keeping your feed consistent.

What’s my purpose for posting this photo?

You should post with intention. Think about why exactly you want to post a specific photo. This will help ensure it’s in line with your personal brand and will also help you think through your caption. There should be a purpose for your posting, are you sharing a story, giving your followers advice, asking your audience a question, what is the point of your post?


Editing is not the most important part of making your photos IG ready. The key to beautiful photos is all in the way you compose them. This post will walk you through four simple rules for taking better photographs. Once you’ve taken photos you’re satisfied with, the next step will be editing!

There are tons of editing tools (paid and free) out there! I personally like using apps on my phone for the ease. You can use editing apps on your computer or your phone, this is based on preference (and phone storage space 😉).

Here are some tools and things to keep in mind when editing your photos:

Learn about these editing tools here.


Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Express are my favorite apps to use for editing. This post will walk you through a list of six photo editing apps you could use to edit your own content. There are tons of photo editing apps out there, those listed in the post are some of the ones that I’m familiar with that I think are fairly easy to understand and use.

Key Colors:

There’s so much you can do with colors on Instagram! You could use bright colors, black and white, muted tones, focus on pinks, the possibilities are endless! Again, don’t feel like you need to stick with the crowd and only focus on a specific color pallet. Use the colors that you love that fit your aesthetic. I really love colors in nature so you’ll see a lot of blues and greens on my Instagram. I like to add in other colors as well. There isn’t one way to go about choosing colors nor are there any rules, select based on your own aesthetic. Also don’t feel like you need to stick to the same thing always. Some accounts I follow change their color pallet over time depending on events they go to or even the season.


I personally don’t add filters to my photos, I adjust the colors, lightness/darkness, and adjust the saturation. There’s no right or wrong way for editing. Selecting a certain filter might make editing slightly quicker as you can add that filter to all of your photos. There are tonssss of apps that offer free filters. You don’t need to buy any right off the bat, test out making your own if you want something more custom. Don’t feel pressure to add filters if it’s not your style. Nowadays it looks like everyone on Instagram uses filters, but edit your photos based on your style and preference!


Planning ties back in to your photo selection. I plan out my photos in advance so I can see how things flow together and make adjustments. I don’t rigidly stick to my plan, but it’s very helpful for me to make scheduling easier. These are some scheduling tools I have previously and currently use:


This is the tool I currently use to plan out my photos. I initially switched over to this from UNUM because they allow 30 uploads per month with a free account. It’s very user friendly and you have the ability to track analytics within the app. I love that you can schedule content to auto-publish through the app. You can also schedule Instagram Stories through Planoly.


This app has had quite a bit of updates since I last used it. Not only can you plan out content, but you can also edit your photos in the app. With the free version you can only plan up to 18 photos at a time. This is a maximum of 18 at all times, this isn’t regarding uploads per month. That’s a huge reason why I switched to Planoly. UNUM also does not have an auto-publish feature. You can write out your caption in the app, but you will need publish from the app or manually.

Creating a consistent Instagram feed is important as it speaks to who you are and helps others to understand you with a quick glance. Read on to learn how to create a consistent Instagram feed on jaimekrzos.com.


Hootsuite is great if you want to plan out content across all your social channels in one app. The free version allows you to plan content for up to three accounts. You can schedule content to auto-publish and can share others’ content that you come across, through the app. I’ve used Hootsuite in the past and have liked how simple it is to use.

There you have it.. the above helps me to get inspo, edit and plan out my Instagram feed. Always remember, there isn’t one right way when it comes to creating and posting content. Do what feels right and works for you. The above may be of help to you, but it’s perfectly okay to tweak and make adjustments for yourself. Oftentimes I feel like certain things trend and I’ll see some of my favorite Instagram creators saying they do things one way and subconsciously I’ll feel pressure to follow in suit. Over time I’ve become confident in being myself and doing things the way I like. Above all, Instagram is meant to be creative and fun, I try not to lose sight of this!

Creating a consistent Instagram feed is important as it speaks to who you are and helps others to understand you with a quick glance. Read on to learn how to create a consistent Instagram feed on jaimekrzos.com.

What tips do you have for how to create a consistent Instagram theme that I haven’t covered?



How to Create a Consistent Instagram Feed