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If you’re like me, you’re probably wasting money on herbs that go bad before you can use them. I try my hardest to preserve my herbs and use them up before they go bad, but my recipes never use up all of them and sadly herbs go wasted. I tried to combat this issue by planting my own herbs but I STILL find myself running out! I love to cook! 🙂

I recently propagated some of my herbs in order to expand my supply of herbs for zero dollars! I can’t even emphasize how easy this is to do and not to mention it’s a sustainable way to have your own fresh herbs. It’s a win-win! Learn about the keys to becoming more environmentally friendly.

Herbs propagating in water

For a while I thought it wasn’t in the cards having my own plants. Over a year ago I started my own herb garden on my balcony. I live in an apartment and don’t have a ton of space. Herbs are perfect for small apartment gardens. They don’t take up a lot of space and there’s a lot of different container options. I love containers that you can hang over your balcony ledge, it saves space and gives the herbs more sun. I’m fortunate to have a decent amount of light on the balcony of my current apartment. I love the look of terracotta posts, so I have a bunch of them in different shapes and sizes and they all line the edge of my balcony. I also have metal shelving that I have filled with succulents.

You can propagate other types of plants, I’ve done this with succulents before. Propagating plants is really easy and it’s a sustainable way to grow your own. It’s another way to save plastic and money! Looking for more ways to live sustainability? Check out my post here!

How to Propagate Herbs:

  1. First, take a 4 inch cutting from one of your herb plants.
  2. Next remove the lower 2/3 from the stem.
  3. Place the stem in a clear glass that’s filled with water.
  4. Place the cup on a window sill and let roots grow for 2-4 weeks.
  5. Be sure to refresh the water every few days.
  6. The roots need to grow to about two inches before you can plant them.
  7. Once the roots are long enough, you can plant them in a pot with soil.
  8. Make sure you water the plant well!
  9. Enjoy an endless and sustainable supply of herbs through propagation!

Do you grow your own herbs? Have you ever propagated plants?



Sustainable Hack: How to Propagate Herbs & Save Money

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  2. […] sustainable hack for your kitchen and cooking? Try propagating herbs, it’s cheap and so easy! You can have unlimited herbs with this […]