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Growing our own food is a great way to live more green. These items will inspire any gardener to be more eco-friendly. From the most serious gardener, to the planet lover, you’ll find a wide array of options at varying price points!


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Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Gardener

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ONE: Terracotta Pot

Terracotta pots are so timeless! I have terracotta pots for all of my plants and I love the cohesive look. Not only are they classic, but they also work well for people who have a tendency to overwater plants because they absorb some of it.

TWO: Gardener’s Pot Press

For gardeners who start their own seeds, this pot press is perfect for repurposing newspapers and gardening more sustainably. It’s such a simple and practical tool.

THREE: Succulent Mister

This succulent mister is so chic! I personally am not the best about watering my succulents, I tend to overwater them. A mister is perfect to ensure that plants are not being watered too much.

FOUR: Composter

A composter is great for an avid gardener and cook! These are amazing to have as they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and divert food from going to landfills. This living composter or Vitamix composter are great options. The Vitamix composter is a bit more pricey but I’ve heard really great things! A composter would be a great gift if you knew that the recipient would get use out of it.

FIVE: Basket for Harvesting

This basket is so chic! For the gardener that grows vegetables, fruits or flowers, this would be a useful gift. It’s perfect for carrying items after being harvested. I love a good basket!


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What items do you love to gift to gardeners?



Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Gardener