I’m totally a visual person; I love scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest and seeing beautifully composed shots. I try with my own images to put careful thought in how I compose them. For me, growing up with a photographer for a mom, I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks over the years. For some people it doesn’t come as easily figuring out how to compose photographs. When you break it down, it isn’t that complicated, it just takes a little thought and some practice. My mom has boiled it down to four simple rules for taking better photographs.

In the photography courses my mom teaches, she educates her students on her four simple rules of photography. They are easy to keep in mind and are great guidelines for taking better images.

1. Keep thing simple.

*Shifting my angles, and moving objects helped simply the photos on the right.

Only have things in the image that help tell the visual story. The more you have in the image the more cluttered it looks. Make sure you’re mindful of what’s in your shot and eliminate unnecessary objects. Doing this allows the subject of your photo to stand out. You can eliminate objects by switching your camera angle, moving your subject, or by literally moving an object— all of these can help reduce and eliminate visual clutter.

2. Be playful in where you stand.

*With a shift in angles, I was able to capture these photos in different perspectives and lighting.

A lot of people take photos dead on. If you change-up the way in which you stand and the angle from which you take your photos, you could capture some really spectacular images. Try taking shots from above your subject, or use other objects to frame your subject— mix it up and play around. This rule goes hand-in-hand with keeping things simple.

3. Look for the light.

*I switched angles to get rid of the shadow.
*Same location, different sides of the table.

Be mindful of how the light affects your subject and image. Does the light enhance my subject or does it hamper it? Early morning and early evening are usually great times for spectacular natural light.

4. Take more than one shot.

Not every single shot you take is going to be a winner. Taking more than one photo of your subject gives you a variety of shots to choose from and ups the odds that you will have one or two really good ones. Now that you’ve learned how to take better photographs, check out this post to learn about the six best photo editing apps.

Four simple rules for taking better photographs. These rules will easily shift your thinking and composition and help you to take better photographs. Learn about these rules on jaimekrzos.com

So with these rules in mind, get out there and get shooting! Do you have any photography tips you keep in mind to help with taking better photographs? Share them with me, I’d love to hear them!


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